ECS Z270H4-I Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

How We Test

The Z270H4-I is only the second Mini-ITX motherboard we’ve tested using this chipset, and it is priced far cheaper than the competing Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac. Our two cheapest ATX boards fill the lower portion of the chart for comparison, using our complete Kaby Lake Test configuration to gauge performance and comparative overclocking capability.

ECS Durathon 2 Z270H4-I
ASRock Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac
ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac
MSI Z270 SLI Plus
2.18.1263 (03/09/2017)
P2.10 (03/29/2017)
P1.40 (02/08/2017)
1.40 (12/15/2016)
Base Clock
90-300 MHz (0.5 MHz)
100-538 MHz (100 kHz)
100-538.2 MHz (10 kHz)
98-2705 MHz (10 kHz)
CPU Multiplier
8x-83x (1x)
8x-120x (1x)
8x-120x (1x)
8x-83x (1x)
DRAM Data Rates
1067-4133 (100/133.3 MHz)
800-4133 (200/266.6 MHz)
800-4133 (100/133.3 MHz)
800-4133 (200/266.6 MHz)
CPU Vcore
0.80-2.50V (50mV)
0.90-1.50V (5mV)
0.90-1.52V (5 mV)
0.60-1.55V (5mV)
System Agent
0.42-1.68V (10mV)
0.95-1.35V (50mV)
1.05-1.30V (10 mV)
0.60-2.00V (10 mV)
0.76-1.56V (10mV)
0.85-1.20V (10mV)
0.95-1.20V (10 mV)
0.60-2.00V (10 mV)
PCH Voltage
0.90-1.20V (10mV)
1.00-1.15V (50 mV)
0.60-2.00V (10 mV)
DRAM Voltage
1.10-1.80V (10mV)
1.10-1.50V (50mV)
1.20-1.55V (50 mV)
0.60-2.20V (10 mV)
CAS Latency
1-31 Cycles
4-31 Cycles
4-31 Cycles
4-31 Cycles
1-63 Cycles
8-31 Cycles
8-31 Cycles
4-31 Cycles
1-63 Cycles
8-31 Cycles
8-31 Cycles
4-31 Cycles
1-64 Cycles
28-63 Cycles
28-63 Cycles
28-63 Cycles

The range of Z270H4-I’s overclock settings appears adequate in comparison to other boards, but its CPU core voltage is far less granular. We can’t imagine many people will be pleased to jump straight from 1.25V to 1.30V, particularly when some cores operate best from a heat-to-performance perspective at 1.28V.

Test System Configuration


Integrated HD Audio


Integrated Gigabit Networking

Graphics Driver

GeForce 372.90

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