Eleven 20x/24x CD Burners

Test Configuration And Methods

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ProcessorIntel Celeron 800 MHz
Memory256 MB PC100
Hard diskWestern Digital WD400 40 Go
CD readersTeac CD540E and Pioneer A105S
Graphics adapterATI Radeon 64 MB DDR
Drivers & software
OSWindows XP Professional
Benchmarks & control
Application benches- Nero Burning Rom Clone CD Padus Disc Juggler 3.50.118
Performance benches- CD Speed 99- DAE Speed 99- CDR Diagnostics CDR Analyser

Each burner was tested according to the most exact and thorough method possible. The tests were carried out as follows:

  • Time taken to burn 650 MB. The operation was effected from hard disk to 3 80-minute Memorex CD-Rs made by CMC Magnetics of type 6. The software was Nero Burning Rom
  • Time taken for a CD-to-CD copy on 2 identical CD-Rs. The software was Nero Burning Rom
  • DAO-RAW or SAO-RAW copy test with Clone CD software.
  • Analysis of a CD-R burnt at maximum speed using CD-R Diagnostics and CD Analyser.
  • Burning of 5 CD-Rs from various makes (TDK, Philips, Mitsui, Memorex and Hi-Space) to test compatibility.
  • Assessment of performance in reading and digital audio extraction using DAE Speed 99 and CD Speed 99 software.
  • Estimate of speed in CD-RW mode.
  • Overburning test.