Eleven 20x/24x CD Burners

Digital Audio Extraction

The DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) tests were done with the CD Speed 99 and DAE Speed 99 Advanced DAE Quality Test. The figures shown give an average (not maximum) speed of extraction for a 74-minute CD Audio, and the mark for the Advanced DAE Quality Test. Overall, performances were fairly good, with a gold medal for the Plexwriter 241040A, which had an average of more than 30x. The TDK Cyclone and the Waitec Megalus got good marks, but had a few errors in extraction.

Feature Tests

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BurnerCDTextDAO-RAWOverburningBuffer Underrun
CRD-BP1500PTest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Cyclone 241040Test OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
HP CD24riTest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Memorex 24MaxxTest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Philips CDRW2010Test OKNot supportedTest OKTest OK
Plexwriter 241040ATest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Ricoh MP7200ATest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Sony CRX175A-RPTest FailedTest OKNot supportedTest OK
TDK Cyclone 241040Test OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Teac CD-W524ETest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Waitec MegalusTest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK
Yamaha CRW3200ETest OKTest OKTest OKTest OK

This table shows test results for the following features: CD Text writing; SafeDisk 1 CD-to-CD copy in DAO-RAW with Clone CD; overburning test; anti-buffer underrun function test. You can see that only the Sony CRX175A has any faults: overburning is not supported, and the CD text failed. The CD-RW mode was also tested on all the burners, and all reached a speed of 10x with no trouble. Note that the Yamaha CRW3200E offers both CAV and CLV modes for CD-RW, which can be handy, depending on the use.