Enermax MaxTytan 1250W PSU Review

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Final Analysis

The MaxTytan 1250W reminds us of Enermax's glory days, when its PSUs were among the best performers. Enthusiasts and hardcore overclockers preferred them, even if it meant paying a premium. A while back, however, Enermax closed its production lines. Now it trusts CWT to manufacture its power supplies. And the relationship seems to be going well so far.

The semi-digital CWT platform that this unit employs offers great performance across the board. Most important, it does so while maintaining quiet operation, even under extreme operating conditions. We don't often see a PSU featuring 1.25kW capacity and a LAMBDA-A noise certification, which translates to 20-25 dB(A). An efficient platform allows for a slower-spinning fan by keeping energy losses low.

Moreover, we appreciate the PSU's heavy matte finish that's fingerprint- and scratch-resistant. A heavy-duty power switch is another asset, although it's paired with a C13 coupler. In most cases, the C13 coupler is fine on a 1.25kW PSU. But in a mining application with full utilization around the clock, a C19 coupler is preferred (especially if the voltage input is 110-115V).

Enermax's power meter is a nice touch as well. However, it would be far more convenient and easy to use if it was detachable. At its current position, mounted to the PSU's front side, you'd have to look behind your PC to take readings. Coolergenie is perhaps a more practical feature, providing control over a number of system/case fans and giving you the power to minimize noise throughout your system.

The MaxTytan 1250 is a solid performer, taking the lead from high-end PSUs like Thermaltake's TPG-1250D-T and Corsair's aging AX1200i. Its manufacturer, CWT, has lots of experience building quiet, capable platforms. Because of its high capacity, good build quality, and magnetic bearing fan that's able to withstand hot environments, this PSU is suitable for hardcore mining systems as well. It meets all of our requirements for home and pro mining PSUs, set forth in Best Power Supply Units For Cryptocurrency Mining.

An inflated price looks like the MaxTytan 1250's biggest weakness. But given the previously-mentioned advantages, plus a rich bundle, amazing performance, and the semi-digital platform that enables an embedded power meter, we believe that this product is worth its high price tag. After all, given the shortage of PSUs due to cryptocurrency mining, all high-capacity power supplies are selling at elevated levels (if you can find them in stock at all).

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