First Look Exclusive: VIA KT400 for AMD Athlon

Architecture Of The VIA KT400, Continued

The VIA roadmap shows that the KT400 should be available in Q3 2002.

Comparison of the various Southbridges from VIA: the VT8235, which is used in the KT400 and KT333(A), offers the most features.

AMD: 166 MHz FSB Clock To Come?

Will future AMD Athlon XPs run with 166 MHz FSB? The QDI Kudoz 7X supports a clock of 133 MHz, as well as 166 MHz. This feature was already offered by a few KT333 motherboards.

AMD is making a big secret of it, many users dream of it - it's all about increasing the FSB clock from 133 MHz to 166 MHz. We've already shown in a test that this method hardly brings about any advantages in speed. It remains to be seen if a 166 MHz FSB will soon appear. In any case, the KT400 boards (and most of the KT333 boards!) are equipped for this.