First Look Exclusive: VIA KT400 for AMD Athlon

In Detail: QDI Kudoz 7X

The first final board with the VIA KT400 chipset at the THG lab: QDI Kudoz 7X.

A view of the interfaces of the QDI Kudoz 7X.

QDI provided us with their first sample board with the VIA KT400 chipset. The six PCI slots, as well as the three DIMM slots for DDR 400 memory, are noteworthy. The integrated network chip VT6105 LOM, which has become part of the standard repertoire, has been developed in-house and produced using 0.22 micron technology. It's a similar picture with the type VT1616 soundchip (AC'97): it offers 6.1-channel audio as well as inputs for modem, TV card and CD ROM drive. In order to protect the AMD processor from thermal death, the manufacturer has integrated an effective mechanism for thermal protection. By analysing the signal of the CPU's thermal diode, it switches off the board immediately when it detects a specific temperature, determined by you. This provides a good method of protecting AMD Athlon XPs with Palomino, Thoroughbred or Barton cores from getting damaged. Older processors are protected by a conventional temperature sensor under the processor. Switching to both modes occurs via jumper. Another interesting feature is that you can integrate your own logo (800 x 600, 24 bit color) into the boot process.

USB 2.0 interfaces on the QDI Kudoz 7X.

The network chip VT6105 from VIA.