First Look Exclusive: VIA KT400 for AMD Athlon

DDR400 Memory Modules For KT400

Brand new: DDR400 modules in various forms at the THG lab.

Now that DDR333 modules with a CAS latency of 2.0 (CL2.0) are increasingly available on the market, new memory modules should be available with the introduction of the KT400 chipset at the latest. They should be labeled as "PC3200" or "DDR400," and run at 200 MHz. The first modules will only come with CL2.5, so it will still be some time until the ultra-fast memory with DDR400 and CL2.0 are available. The technical development of fast DDR memory is interesting: the first modules in BGA form have already landed at the THG lab in Munich. The company Kingmax sets a good example and equips its modules with BGA memory with 5 ns access time. Considering that Kingmax still uses the old package technique, it still attains very high clock speeds at a stable 200 MHz memory clock.

DDR400 memory in BGA form from Kingmax.

DDR400 memory in conventional form from Twinmos.