External Sound: Creative Labs Extigy

EAX 1.0

Support for echo and reflected sound, depending on position, within a game

Incorporation of 26 pre-selected effects

Possibilities for adjusting effects

Automatic echo correction depending on distance between source and receiver

EAX 2.0

Support for obstruction and occlusion

Adjustable interface for regulating effects with the addition of such factors as room size and echo delay

Improvement of distance model for handling echo and initial reflex depending on the position of the user

Advanced model for simulation of sound waves emanating from their sources and adjustable air absorption model

Finally, Dolby Digital decoding is handled exclusively by the Zoran ZR38601 chip, whose older brother, the ZR38650, is found inside Creative Labs' Inspire 5700 decoder. The decoding has the following characteristics:

  • 50 MIPS multi-operation instructions
  • Proven architecture and utility
  • Built-in decoding for AC-3 & MPEG
  • Hostless operation, no glue chips needed
  • SiliconSoftware: Virtual 3D Surround, Music Modes
  • Serial, parallel data and control I/O
  • Built-in S/P-DIF Transmitter & Receiver
  • Multiple sample rates from 32k to 96k
  • 8-channel output capable