External Sound: Creative Labs Extigy

Dynamic Range

The dynamic range test, which supplements the previous one, calculates the noise level generated in the presence of a sound signal, in this case a sine wave (1 kHz at -60 dB) at the card input point. This test provides as reliable a guide as possible to the dynamics of the card during recording. The peak observed at 1 kHz is therefore normal. The Extigy again acquitted itself very well with a score of 80.9 dB.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

The next test was designed to measure the harmonic distortion, or THD. It tests the audio fidelity of the card, in which the harmonics are detected when a single but powerful sine wave (-3 dB) is sent. With an observed THD of 0.038%, the Extigy proved itself to have high fidelity and scored well on musical recording.


Finally, we examined intermodulation, or diaphony. This test measured the separation between the left and right audio channels on the card, in other words, the highest sound level that could be heard on one channel before it begins to be heard on the other as well. This is a test of particular interest in a multi-channel environment. The Extigy had no problem in this respect, and had an excellent score of 101.2 dB.