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Motherboard: DFI LANParty NF3 250 Gb

The LANParty motherboards of Taiwanese manufacturer DFI have made quite the name for themselves in the space of two years. The boards are technologically advanced and well-equipped, without "overdoing things". The included accessories are geared especially for the needs of users who do a lot of gaming and regularly go to LAN parties. The LANParty nF3 250 Gb unfortunately lacks the PC Transpo carrying harness system of other models, though.

The LANParty nF3 250 Gb is equipped with UV-active components and uses the NVIDIA nForce3 250 Gb chipset. It offers everything that you would expect from a technical standpoint: AGP 8X, five PCI slots, an AC97 sound system, Gigabit Ethernet running on a Marvell chip, two Firewire connections, and four serial ATA connections. Tuning freaks will like the two dedicated push buttons, which allow maximum speed for system start or reset.

The product comes with two serial ATA cables with power adapters, two ATA rounded cables, a floppy rounded cable, and the usual necessities such as manual, driver CD, and ATX case panel.