FIC PA-2012 Revision 1.2 - The First Socket 7 AGP Motherboard

Board Features

The PA-2012 is a motherboard in ATX form factor and as you can see from the picture above it has one AGP, four PCI and two ISA slots. There are three DIMM sockets for SDRAM or EDO DIMMs and it support RAM sizes of up to 128 MB DIMMs. The board is just as the PA-2007 equipped with 1 MB level 2 cache. Included with the board is a CD with the new bus master IDE driver, the VIA_VGART.VxD and another VIA patch for the Windows 95 system manager. All these patches are installed and even de-installed (!!) very easily, the installation software is really well made. The PA-2012 does not include the 'linear burst' feature for Cyrix and IBM CPUs, although it is supported by the VIA Apollo VP3 chipset. Supported bus speeds: 55, 60, 66, 75 MHz.

The Benchmarks

I received the board only 18 h before my departure to the US, so please forgive me that I can only offer you these two benchmarks yet.