Final Recount: Pentium 4 vs. Athlon

BAPCo Webmark 2001, Continued

WebMark2001 incorporates the following website scenarios:

  • Business-to-Business Website Scenarios:
  • A web marketplace for building supply materials and interactive tools for house builders. The online arm of an electronics design company that allows other engineers to acquire detailed information about the integration of's products. A medical insurance company that receives insurance claims from hospitals and then places the medical data online for fast approval of those claims. An online brokerage house that assists the trader in trading with other agencies by providing trading services and information utilities like charts and prediction models.
  • Business-to-Consumer Website Scenarios :
  • A shopping site that offers consumers the power of shopping online combined with the same interaction they get from visiting a store. An online news and data center that provides a quick summary of the user's favorite topics, as well as links to interactive and media-rich sites which provide the user with more detailed information.
  • Business Website Scenario :
  • A corporate intranet website at an automobile company that enables online creation, sharing, and publishing of documents using standard office applications.

The benchmark runs for about an hour and finally presents its result on a web page as well. It looks very fancy and seems to have been a huge development project. However, I still have to get a real feel for it to understand what is actually happening in this new benchmark.

You also have the option to do a so-called 'technology run' with this benchmark, which supplies you with results like Flash Animation Performance, XML Performance, Java Performance, Encoding Performance and even Download Performance. However, so far the benchmark is too young as that I would rely on this technology run for processor performance evaluation yet. I will work with it for a while and see if it will make it into our standard benchmarking suite.