Final Touches on ATA: Hard-Drive Accessories Roundup

Raid Sonic Icy Box IB-500

Raid Sonic's second product is the Icy Box IB-500, designed more for security conscious home users than for IT professionals. The IB-500 is a sophisticated enclosure for 3.5" IDE hard drives that has its own fan as well as other components for monitoring a wide range of operating parameters.

The fan is placed flat along the base of the rack, which means that it has to be big. In fact, it's a stealthily silent 80 mm in diameter. The left side of the front panel houses three LED bar indicators, one for each voltage range (3.3, 5 and 12 V). The IB-500 also ships with four temperature sensors that you can place anywhere you want in the case. There's even room to add three more fans to the rack, although you can't monitor them. However, their speed is restricted by the pre-set upper temperature limit of up to 45°C. And if the hard-drive fan fails, this unit sounds the alarm.