Flexible All-Rounder: External Drives from Western Digital with 200 and 250 GB

Combo Drive: Technical Details

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Technical Data
Types120 GB, 200 GB200 GB, 250 GB (Special Edition)
Capacity120, 200, 250 GB
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (max. 480 Mbit/s)IEEE1394A / FireWire (max. 400 Mbit/s)
Hard Drives UsedWD1200BB (120 GB)WD2000BB (200 GB)WD2000JB (200 GB Special Ed.)WD2500JB (250 GB Special Ed.)
Seek Time8.9 ms
Rotation Speed7,200 rpm
Cache2 MB/ 8 MB (Special Edition)
Fluid Dynamic BearingNo
Cable LengthUSB: 1.80 mFirewire: 1.80 m
Power Supply110 - 240 V
OS SupportMac from OS 9.xWindows from Windows 98 SE
Warranty1 year

A view of the bottom of the case doesn't reveal much. Here, you only see the metal plate that holds the electronics and the drive.

There are ventilation slots underneath to help cool the drive inside the case.