Flexible All-Rounder: External Drives from Western Digital with 200 and 250 GB

Factory Case Modding: Lights To Catch The Eye

USB And FireWire In Parallel Operation?

Now that Western Digital is offering the user a choice of interfaces, the question is whether it is possible to use both interfaces simultaneously. The advantages of this are quite clear: if you could connect the combo drive to one PC via FireWire, and if you connected the same drive to an additional PC through USB 2.0, then two users could make use of the drive for sizeable external data storage. However, this is unfortunately not the case. In our tests, we found that the USB interface is given priority, which causes the FireWire connection to be lost completely as soon as the USB connector is plugged into the port.

New: Special Edition With 8 MB Cache - Now Also External

There's another new thing about the 250 GB version: the top models (from 200 GB) are now available with 8 MB cache. The corresponding desktop drives are distinguishable by the "JB" in their model names, which Western Digital has been using in the past couple of years in order to indicate high performance.