Flexible All-Rounder: External Drives from Western Digital with 200 and 250 GB

Accessories Included: All The Usual Stuff

A cable is included for each interface, which is good. Both the USB and the FireWire cables are 1.80 meters long, which should suit most purposes. However, our 250 GB sample only came with the FireWire cable. We'll assume that the manufacturer normally supplies a USB cable (which was missing in our sample), since it is mentioned on the WD website.

The power cord is more generous. The mains cable itself is approximately 1.80 m long, but there is an additional 1.50 m between the plug and mains adapter.

Here is another view of the mains adapter with both data cables and the quick start setup guide. None of this requires much comment, since under most Windows versions you just plug it in, and off you go.