Full Review of NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

Chipset Comparison

I've compiled a table that compares all the features the available NVIDIA chipsets so that you can see the differences much easier.

  GeForce GeForce2 MX GeForce2 GTS
Manufacturing Process .25 micron .18 micron .18 micron
Rendering Pipelines 4 2 4
Textures per Pipeline 1 2 2
Core Speed 120 MHz 175 MHz 200 MHz
Memory Interface/Speed 128 bit / 166 - 300 MHz 64 or 128 bit / 166 - 300 MHz 128 bit / 333 MHz
Pixel Fill-Rate 480 Mpixels/sec 350 Mpixels/sec 800 Mpixels/sec
Texel Fill-Rate 480 Mtexels/sec 700 Mtexels/sec 1.6 Gtexels/sec
Polygon/sec 15M 20M 25M
TwinView No Yes No
Digital Vibrant Control No Yes No
Active Cooling Yes No Yes
HDVP No Yes Yes
Retail Price $179 - $249 $99 - $179 $299

There are a few things to note about the above table:

Memory Interface : I can't stress how important it is to make sure you know what interface a GeForce2 MX board is based on before comparing it with anything. If you care about having good 3D performance, make sure you don't get stuck with a 64 bit SDR board or you'll most likely regret it. Theoretically there's also the possibility of a 128 bit DDR solution, which would automatically score a lot better at high color/high resolution. However, this combination would destroy the low-cost idea of GeForce2 MX and is thus rather unlikely.

HDVP : The GeForce2 MX is lacking some of the high-end visual modes that the GeForce2 GTS has so keep that in mind if you are into higher end video output.

Active Cooling : Our reference board didn't have any cooling at all and most manufacturers will probably opt not to as it is a low cost solution. However, this doesn't mean it cannot happen.

Retail Price : The GeForce2 MX will vary greatly in price due to configuration differences like memory interface/size/type and video outputs. I would estimate that our reference board configuration would probably sell for $129.

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