Full Review of NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX

Chipset Comparison

I've compiled a table that compares all the features the available NVIDIA chipsets so that you can see the differences much easier.

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Header Cell - Column 0 GeForceGeForce2 MXGeForce2 GTS
Manufacturing Process.25 micron.18 micron.18 micron
Rendering Pipelines424
Textures per Pipeline122
Core Speed120 MHz175 MHz200 MHz
Memory Interface/Speed128 bit / 166 - 300 MHz64 or 128 bit / 166 - 300 MHz128 bit / 333 MHz
Pixel Fill-Rate480 Mpixels/sec350 Mpixels/sec800 Mpixels/sec
Texel Fill-Rate480 Mtexels/sec700 Mtexels/sec1.6 Gtexels/sec
Digital Vibrant ControlNoYesNo
Active CoolingYesNoYes
Retail Price$179 - $249$99 - $179$299

There are a few things to note about the above table:

Memory Interface : I can't stress how important it is to make sure you know what interface a GeForce2 MX board is based on before comparing it with anything. If you care about having good 3D performance, make sure you don't get stuck with a 64 bit SDR board or you'll most likely regret it. Theoretically there's also the possibility of a 128 bit DDR solution, which would automatically score a lot better at high color/high resolution. However, this combination would destroy the low-cost idea of GeForce2 MX and is thus rather unlikely.

HDVP : The GeForce2 MX is lacking some of the high-end visual modes that the GeForce2 GTS has so keep that in mind if you are into higher end video output.

Active Cooling : Our reference board didn't have any cooling at all and most manufacturers will probably opt not to as it is a low cost solution. However, this doesn't mean it cannot happen.

Retail Price : The GeForce2 MX will vary greatly in price due to configuration differences like memory interface/size/type and video outputs. I would estimate that our reference board configuration would probably sell for $129.