GeForce 8800 Needs The Fastest CPU

Real World - Games

Moving from the fixed environment of 3DMark to the real world we see much more correlation between the performance levels of different systems.

These graphs are the compilation of average scores (in frames per second). Whether running with image high image qualities, simple environments, or torture testing outdoors in Oblivion, the benefits to performance from the new setup on all four graphics cards are clear. The new DirectX 10 hardware draws the most benefit from a faster system, as the streaming processors are working more efficiently than the fixed function pipeline relatives. While the DX9 hardware stops gaining performance benefits from the faster system after 1280x1024, the DX10 hardware still has gains out to 2048x1536 in low quality or simplified environment situations. With higher settings and more difficult environments, the DX10 hardware still continues to show benefits at resolutions up to 1600x1200.