New Nvidia GeForce 8800GT Surprises

GeForce 8800GT: The Card and New Antialiasing Capability, Continued

First test with Test Drive Unlimited: we haven't found any difference between the 8800 GT's multisampling and the one of the GTX. Being as useless visually as before, there really isn't any use for this multisampling.

Standard Antialiasing 8X

Multisampling Antialiasing 8X (supposed to be improved ...)

Supersampling Antialiasing 8X

Second test under Oblivion: this time the multisampling algorithm has really evolved and we can actually notice an undisputable visual improvement on the distant trees, compared to a standard antialiasing 8X. The supersampling is still ahead though (the leaves tend to disappear a lot less).

Standard antialiasing 8X

Multisampling antialiasing 8X (actually improved)

Supersampling antialiasing 8X

Here is the performance we measured at 1024 x 768 with antialiasing set for 8X (as with the above tests.)