GeForce GTX 670 2 GB Review: Is It Already Time To Forget GTX 680?

Benchmark Results: World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm (DX 11)

Knock the game if you want, but WoW continues to be one of the most popular titles in the world. We recently started testing with a 64-bit build using DirectX 11 using a familiar flight between Crushblow and The Krazzworks in Twilight Highlands. Bear in mind that raids are going to put much more of a load on all of these cards. However, in the interest of generating repeatable results, we need to use a more consistent sequence for benchmarking.

The trend that we see here (and what we’ve seen many times in the past) is that Nvidia delivers stronger performance in WoW, though even a Radeon HD 7950 serves up close to 100 FPS on average at 2560x1600…with no anti-aliasing.

Turn AA on, though, and frame rates plunge. With 8x AA enabled, GeForce GTX 670 exhibits a significant advantage from 1680x1050 through 2560x1600 (though that highest resolution is probably the most notable, since frame rates are beyond playable across the board at 1680x1050 and 1920x1080).

Chris Angelini
Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.
  • Running to buy it!
  • tecmo34
    Great Review Chris!!

    Though there isn't really a performance hit but it would be great to have seen the GTX 670 running at PCIe 3.0.
  • borden5
    amd price reduce 2.0 xD
  • master9716
    OMFG no 5760x1080 benchmarks again?!! ima have to go to or something wow!
  • TheBigTroll
    YAHHHHHHH!!! time to get one
  • gilgamex101
    "Dude.......seriously!? sure?.......wait wait, what about image fine.........awwww.......AWWWWWWW !@#$......!@#$.........!@#$ !^&* *&^%$#@!@.....and you !$%^*( peice of !@#$%............GREAT.......JUST BEAUTIFUL.....- AMD in response to 670 GTX reviews
  • iceman1992
    $400 is still too high for me... Waiting for something around $225
  • rglaredo
    I hate Nvidia and their supply and demand game is obvious that they are just holding off the cards to inflate the prices...I'm going with AMD ....because I'm tired of waiting ...I'm not going to wait anymore ..
  • sayantan
    Nice move nV , forcing AMD to drop their prices for entire lineup. A 7970 at $400 would be really awesome...
  • godfather666
    The list of games is very unfair to AMD cards. Techpowerup's review, which featured a much longer list of games, had the Radeon HD 7970 faster than the GTX 670 at all resolutions 1080p and higher.

    Nvidia has had a big lead in Dirt 3 and WoW for a very long time. This skews the results.

    The GTX 670 is a fantastic card, don't get me wrong. Just pointing out that it's being slightly overrated here.