The Next Generation: IBM DeskStar 180GXP with up to 180 GB

DeskStar 180GXP: Technical Specifications

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DeskStar 180GXP: Technical Specifications
Capacity60, 80, 120, 180 GB
Capacity per Platter60 GB
Spindle Speed7200 rpm
Cache8 MB (180, 120 GB) 2 MB (120, 80, 60 GB)
Average Seek Time8.5ms
InterfaceUltraATA/ 100
FeaturesTagged Command Queuing Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)

While Western Digital also uses 60 GB platters, Maxtor has already announced the introduction of its new DiamondMax Plus 9, a drive which will employ 80 GB platters. However, drives with a capacity of more than 160 GB are limited to the company's other product lines, which run at only 5400 rpm. This gives IBM and Western Digital a slight advantage.