Gigabyte's GV-N68T256DH Graphics Card: Give the Heatsink Its Mod Due

Software And Accessories

The included software doesn't exactly stand out due to its variety, but what you do get is of high quality. In the U.S. Gigabyte throws in the full version of Doom 3 with the card! A different game will be included in the European package, but its name is still TBA. Neither has it been announced when the card will hit the stores in Europe.

Besides the obligatory drivers, the CD also contains Gigabyte's own tweaking tool V-Tune2, which enables functions including hardware monitoring and overclocking. The software package is rounded out by Cyberlink's Power DVD Player, albeit only the somewhat outdated Version 5, and a Windows BIOS Flash utility.

In addition to overclocking tools, the V-Tune2 utility features a few hardware monitoring functions.

Instead of video connector cables, Gigabyte only included an S-video-to-composite/cinch adapter with the card. The card features no video-in functions. A DVI-VGA adapter lets you connect an analog monitor to the second output. A Molex power adapter cable facilitates the power supply to the card.