Gigabyte's GV-N68T256DH Graphics Card: Give the Heatsink Its Mod Due


Gigabyte's unique cooling solution represents a dream come true for many case-modding fans - provided the card fits on the motherboard without colliding with its components. The volume of the slightly noisy fan is easily adjusted with the included V-Tune 2 utility. Thanks to the GeForce 6800 GT, 3D performance is top notch as well. The software bundle is interesting for anyone who doesn't already have a copy of Doom 3. The rest of the software package is pretty weak. The GV-N68T256DH is absolutely worth a recommendation for the intended target group.


  • High 3D performance & Shader Model 3.0
  • Some texture filter optimizations can be deactivated
  • Ingenious cooler design
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Nice tweaking tool with hardware monitoring functions
  • Game bundle: Doom 3 (not in Germany and the rest of Europe)


  • Fan a bit noisy in the standard setting
  • Depending on the motherboard, spacings can be a problem
  • No video inputs
  • Long board
  • Besides Doom3, not much interesting software included


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Form factor, lengthSingle-Slot, 8.4" (21.5 cm)
3D ChipNVIDIA NV40, 16 Pixel Pipes
Memory256 MB GDDR3
Memory Bus Width256 bit
Clockrates (Core/Memory)350 MHz / 1000 MHz (DDR)
DirectX Generation9.0c
ConnectorsAGP 8x, 1x VGA & 1x DVI, 1x TV Out (Composite and S-VHS)