Three Factory-Overclocked, High-End Graphics Cards

Overclocking Benchmarks

We described our overclocking process and results previously. Let's see if any of this makes a difference in Crysis:

There are slight differences here, and certainly a few surprises. The first is that impressive overclocks don't always accompany impressive performance increases. In some cases, PC games are bottlenecked by other aspects of the system. For example, PC games can be bottlenecked by the graphics card architecture more than the raw clock speeds. It's important to note that we might be able to see more impressive differences with other game titles, or with a faster test system. In this case, Crysis is traditionally a GPU-limited game, but it doesn't show us the differentiation between overclocking results that we had hoped to see.

  • knutjb
    Good to see sensible conclusions, bang for the buck.

    Amazing how well the ATI cards are doing given their time on the market.
  • Jax69
    i am amazed by ati cards after one year on the market is still strong as hell. very good amd
  • jonsy2k
    I'm not liking the trend of these cards consuming more and more pci slots to be honest.
  • lashton
    lol GTX 480 aginst the 5870
  • carlhenry
    GTX 480 is looking very good and sexy
  • ohim
    Did your lights flickered when you powered up that GTX480 ? :)
  • ^^^^^
    liked the flickered thing.
  • h83
    So, the conclusion is that the only good point about those factory overclocked cards are their coolers...
  • Tamz_msc
    Aliens vs. Predator favors the Radeons, just like Crysis favors the GeForce cards. However, the playing field remains very close
    The graphs tell otherwise.
  • The Lady Slayer
    It's a shame the Big Green has paid off so many game developers that we'll never see a 'true' comparison between ATI & nVidia