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Does Hercules' Fortissimo 4 Deliver at 24 Bits?

Inputs And Outputs

All the inputs and outputs are on the card's PCI bracket in the form of .138 inch (3.5 mm) jacks, with the addition of a TOSLINK connector. The Fortissimo doesn't show much originality where inputs are concerned. For example, the mono mike and the stereo line inputs cannot be mixed.

You also have to choose the recording source from among the options Hercules offers. This is an acceptable approach, though, since the Fortissimo 4 isn't exactly intended to be used as a recording studio.

There's no surprise with the outputs, either - the same four 3.5 mm jacks providing eight channels (7.1). In addition there's a S/PDIF digital output that can be used either to connect an external decoder (if you have a home cinema system that has one) or to any digital device such as a converter or "digital" speaker system.