High-End LCD: Samsung and BenQ

Samsung SyncMaster 172X


The long-awaited 172X is Samsung's star monitor. It was first unveiled a year ago and has already been written about extensively. THG's review of it was no exception. The 172X was presented at the time as the first monitor with a 16 ms Samsung panel.

The results were mixed. If, on the one hand, we were very impressed by the color rendering, on the other hand the actual response time proved to be very inadequate. We even permitted ourselves to use the phrase "catastrophic rendering in games."

Samsung reacted immediately to this rather sweeping remark: The launch of the 172X 16 ms was purely and simply canceled! Samsung later confided in us during an interview that it had decided to rework the panel to improve its response time. We then hoped for a relaunch of the 172X, but this time with a response time of 12 ms, in January or February. The job took slightly longer than planned, but here is the result: the 12 ms 172X.