Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007, Part 3 - Games

World In Conflict Collector's Edition

By Rob Wright

Plenty of big name games titles have been released over the past few months, from Halo 3 to Super Mario Galaxy. One game that has flown under the radar, though, is World in Conflict from Massive Entertainment. This fascinating title puts gamers right in the middle of an alternate history, where World War III has broken out between the Cold War Soviet Union and the United States. World in Conflict is billed as an "action strategy" game rather than a traditional real-time strategy game. Part of the reason is that the game features the kind of high-octane action worthy of a first-person shooter title, with vivid graphics that are as good as any RTS currently available. World in Conflict also removes the base building and resource gathering typical of RTS titles, in favor of more streamlined action.

The packaging for World in Conflict: Collector's Edition is big, substantial, and better Red than dead.

The game begins with a bang, as Soviet forces launch an attack on the West Coast, where the player acts as Lt. Parker, an Army officer charged with defending Seattle. Along with stunning graphics, World in Conflict features excellent maps - including a thrilling helicopter assault in New York - and gameplay that's easy to pick up and learn quickly. For more about World in Conflict, check out the Tom's Games review!

The World in Conflict Collector's Edition is one of the better special edition packages in recent memory, and costs only $10 more than a regularly priced PC game ($59.99). The collector's edition, which comes in a red cloth box featuring the Soviet flag, includes a behind-the-scenes DVD that's more interesting than most. This DVD provides details about how Massive developed its game, and why the team decided to forgo traditional RTS gameplay in favor of an action-strategy hybrid. There's also an interview with Alec Baldwin, who narrates World in Conflict, plus a collection of trailers and cinematics from the game.

Another DVD included in the package is a brief documentary on the Berlin Wall from the History Channel. The truly unique item in the World in Conflict Collector's Edition, though, is an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall; a small chunk of graffiti-covered concrete is enclosed, with a certificate that explains where the piece came from. Is it tacky to sell a piece of the Berlin Wall with a PC game? Perhaps. But it is truly a piece of history, and offers a reminder for the game's real world context.

This should make a great gift for any gamers on your shopping list, especially those who like to put some spin on the traditional RTS.

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