Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007, Part 3 - Games


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Sarah finds games of all kinds and the gear that goes with them interesting; as you see her here on most of these pages, you should, too!

Introduction To Part 3

By Ed Tittel

In this, our third installment of the 2007 Holiday Buyer's Guide from Tom's Hardware, our focus shifts to games and gaming gear. With the able help from our site editors at Tom's Guide and Tom's Games, as well as our redoubtable editorial coordinator and supermodel Sarah, we're ready to share our latest round of holiday gift suggestions with our audience of PC fanatics and gaming aficionados. Those looking for some ideas for technology lovers on their Christmas lists need look no further, be it in this installment or in others already posted, or yet to come.

In this segment, we start with a scant handful of games, including the Halo 3 Legendary Edition, complete with ornamental Mjolnir helmet. After that, we dig into the do-it-yourself first-person shooter environment FPS Creator. Then, it's on to the lighter (and funnier) side with Sam & Max Season One, with the Collector's Edition of World in Conflict ably bringing up the rear.

Our next scant handful turns the focus to gaming accessories, starting with the FragFX PSP mouse controller that brings more precision to that console. In the next segment, we highlight three different rechargeable set-ups for Wii, Xbox, and PSP3 in the form of Nkyo's Charge Stations. After that, we sink into the Ultimate Gaming Chair made visible in a recent Hollywood movie, and conclude with the HD-DVD player for the Xbox console (but which also works nicely on PCs as well).

Part 3 of the Holiday Buyer's Guide concludes with a couple of bang-up gaming console bundles. Be you preference either for the PSP3 or the Xbox, the Playstation 3 80 GB system brings a lot to those who prefer the Sony product, while the Xbox 360 Elite Console brings more storage and HDMI support to those who wish to tread the Microsoft way.

Our current installment is calculated to appeal to those with games to play, be it on a PC or a console of their choosing. Please work your way through this list of offerings, as you seek the perfect gift for those on your Christmas shopping list.

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