Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007, Part 3 - Games

Ultimate Gaming Chair

By Don Woligroski

There are regular people who like to play computer games, and then there are supergeeks who like to play computer games. The easiest way to tell these folks apart is to ask them if they'd like an Ultimate Gaming Chair for Christmas.

Chances are, you've already seen the Ultimate Gaming Chair; you just didn't realize it at the time. If you've viewed the film 'The 40 Year old Virgin', you have witnessed this furnishing in lead character Andy Stitzer's geeky bachelor pad. Yes folks, the Ultimate Gaming Chair was selected as perfect living room furniture for the geekiest character in movie history.

Those who prefer the contents to the chair shot here may not be real gaming geeks.

For real gamers, what could be more fun than playing video games in a chair that offers force feedback vibration, reclines, includes head-mounted speakers, built-in game controllers and a cup holder, and can even give you a massage? It has 12 strategically distributed force feedback motors, for goodness' sake. By way of comparison, I have never in my entire life owned a chair with even a single distributed feedback motor.

Do note that some assembly is required. Though you only need to attach the back to the seat and the arms to the back and the seat, based on our experience, you'll need nimble fingers, sharp eyes and maybe even a rubber mallet to get the thing together. But once everything is in place, the games can begin in considerable comfort.

So if you're shopping for the gamer who has everything, but aren't quite sure if they're geeky enough to own this pinnacle of gaming purity, put a picture of the Ultimate Gaming Chair in front of them and take careful note of their expression. If you see even a flash of lustful desire: yes, they are a supergeek. The $399.99 Ultimate Gaming Chair is an appropriate accessory for their comic book and mint-in-box toy collections.

Of course, any gamer who receives this gift will probably find their social life suffer, as they will find little reason to leave the house anymore. But from the warm embrace of the Ultimate Gaming Chair, that won't seem like much of a sacrifice.

  • GamingBob
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