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Build It: Half-Height Gaming PCs For The Living Room

Benchmark Results: Just Cause 2, Power Usage

Just Cause 2 is another demanding title. Let’s see how these half-height gaming systems perform:

Both systems have no trouble with 720p, but at 1080p, only the Radeon HD 5750 system offers smooth performance.

Let’s finish off the benchmarks by looking at the power usage:

Both systems use identical idle power, but the microATX/ Radeon HD 5750 combo reaches almost 250 W under load, while the mini-ITX/Radeon HD 5570 system uses about 100 W less.

Note that the 144 W ceiling of the smaller system is very close to the rated 160 W maximum of the power supply included with the Wavy case. Even if we could have fit the half-height PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 into this enclosure, it probably would have crashed the system under a heavy graphics load. The Phenom II X3 705e/Radeon HD 5570 is probably one of the most potent combos you’d want to pair with this 160 W power supply.