New Hope For Athlon - The VIA Apollo KX133 Chipset

SPECviewperf Scores In Depth

I decided to make a in depth evaluation of each SPECviewperf 'viewset' with the different BIOS-settings, just to see if I can find more meaningful results than what I found with the 3D-games.

The 'Advanced Visualizer ' doesn't seem to care much about memory bandwidth at all, and it also doesn't make any difference between AGP2x and AGP4x. However there is a significant impact as soon as the AGP-speed comes down to AGP1x. It's also interesting to see that Irongate is not even up to competing against the worst scores of KX133.

'Design Review ' is certainly fussy about the memory-bandwidth, as you can see even when you compare the results of PC133 and CAS 2 vs. CAS 3. AGP-speed does only have a small influence once it becomes less than AGP2x. Again, Irongate is behind all of KX133's scores.