New Hope For Athlon - The VIA Apollo KX133 Chipset

SPECviewperf Scores In Depth, Continued

'Data Explorer ' has a similar behavior as 'Design Review', it cares a lot about memory throughput and rather little about AGP-speed. Irongate is again the slowest.

'Lightscape ', the by far toughest of the five 'viewsets', is again depending more on memory-bandwidth than on AGP-speed.

'ProCDRS ', the most well-known of them all, shows a different pattern. Memory bandwidth seems just as important as AGP-performance, which is why this is the only chart where results are decreasing continuously. AMD's 750 'Irongate' chipset performs worst in this test as well. I'd also like to point out that KX133 is no less than 56% faster than Irongate in this benchmark. ProCDRS shows the potential of KX133 extremely well.