Hot Contraband: P4 With 3.6 GHz

Ride Like The Wind: P4/3600 With 533 MHz RDRAM

We can't repeat it often enough: only in conjunction with high-speed RDRAM memory (PC1066) is the Pentium 4/3600 able to perform optimally. This does not mean, however, that DDR400 memory is not qualified at all, a fact which has been proven by previous tests. Even a platform with the Intel 845G chipset and fast DDR333 memory (CL2) can stand its ground in many disciplines against a system with normal RDRAM memory (PC800). Yet when RDRAM with 533 MHz (PC1066) or even 600 MHz (PC1200) is deployed, the ways part.

For the time being, DDR memory simply cannot hold its own - the RDRAM platform is always ahead. For this reason, we also tested all P4 processors with the fastest configuration - otherwise it would beg the question of why we would deliberately throttle a 3.6 GHz P4 by using DDR333 or DDR400 with single storage technology.

However, as soon as the dual DDR chipsets from Intel become available next year, the tables are likely to turn in favor of DDR technology.

Pentium 4/3333 during the test.

A view of the BIOS of the Asus P4T533 motherboard.

Pentium 4/3066 during the test.

A view of the BIOS of the Asus P4T533 motherboard - the P4 with 3.06 GHz will be launched this year.