How We Test Wireless Range Extenders

Final Thoughts

Consider our current methodology “Wireless Range Extenders Testing version 1.0”. Since we started building out the networking category on Tom’s Hardware, we’ve seen and heard your feedback asking for more depth when it comes to quantifying the benefits and shortcomings of technologies and individual products. Consequently, we're working on a suite that adds to this foundation.

As we move forward, we also need to stay adaptable, especially as the wireless networking industry evolves, introducing us to new standards. Whether we're talking about Wireless AC’s Wave 2 MU-MIMO or AC’s up-and-coming successor, 802.11ax, changes will almost certainly need to be made that affect how we benchmark, present data, formulate analysis and draw conclusions about wireless range extenders.

If you have any suggestions of your own, please comment below or visit us in the forums.

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