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HP's Z400 Workstation Runs The Tom's Hardware Gauntlet

Benchmark Results: Landscape Rendering Test

Rendering good-looking landscapes is a difficult task, even with today's high-end computers. We used e-on software’s Vue to render a single 1920x1080 image of a landscape with global illumination turned on. With Vue’s procedurally generated trees, the resulting landscape has truly incredible polygon counts.

Camera Tracking Test

In this test, we take a clip of 720p HD footage (one of the same clips used in the editing test) and track the camera’s motion in 3D space using Autodesk MatchMover 2011. Note, due to license issues, this test was conducted in Windows XP x64, not in Windows 7.

Since camera tracking involves fetching frames in the sequence from disk, as well as the involved processor calculations, we can expect to see some performance difference using a similar processor on a platform with less disk performance, though not as much as we'd see in a storage-intensive test like video editing.