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iBuypower's 2006 Dream Quad-SLI Gaming System


F.E.A.R. is run twice; the first run has all of the settings maxed out except AA, AF, and without soft shadows, while the second run is with AA at 4x and AF at 8x. The Mach V never dropped below 30 frames per second in any of the tests. The lowest minimum frame rate was exactly 30 frames per second, and again that was at the highest test setting. F.E.A.R. shows off the optimizations that AFR of SFR can do for Quad SLI. Here you can see that with an updated driver and with features turned up, the iBuypower system pulls ahead of the overclocked Falcon Mach V. The Dream 2006 posts very playable frame rates at 2048x1536 with all the bells and whistles enabled.