Inadequate and Deceptive Product Labeling: Comparison of 21 Power Supplies

Inadequate Documentation

Many of the power supplies came with very sketchy documentation, but Antec and Enermax were ahead of the curve with their more complete documentation. Most of the manuals were strangely reticent on the subject of the combined output load, and many manufacturers apparently think that providing brief technical details on the model identification sticker is adequate information. If you want to avoid overloading your power supply, you must have accurate information on the output available at each voltage. Manufacturers really need to improve their act with the documentation (or lack thereof) that they currently provide.

Short Glossary

Active Fan Speed Adjustment

With the help of a thermistor, the fan speed is automatically altered to suit the ambient air temperature. This provides the lowest possible noise levels while maintaining efficient cooling.

ATX/12V - Important For P4 Systems

Pentium 4 systems need an ATX/12 V connector to power the CPU. Minimum requirement here is compliance at least with the ATX 2.03 standard. You will find more details on this under Form factors.

PFC = Power Factor Correction

Since the beginning of 2001, the 61000-3-2 Standard has specified maximum limits for the harmonic current emissions of power supplies. This is achieved in practice by smoothing out the power supply’s short, high-magnitude pulses using active or passive PFC.

Technical Specs & Results

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ManufacturerChannel WellEngelking ElektronikHerolchiSCSTaskTopower
Technical Specs/Measurements
Product Image
max. performance(Manufacturer-claimed/Measurement )300/307 W300/339 W300/351 W300/302W300/204 W320/353 W
-5 V/- 12 V(Manufacturer-claimed)0.5/0.5 A0.3/0.8 A0.5/0.8 A0.6/0.6 A0.6/0.6 A0.5/0.8 A
+3.3 V/+5 V/+12 V(Manufacturer-claimed)30/20/15 A30/28/11 A30/28/15 A23/15/10 A25/15/12 A32/26/15 A
+5 VSB (A)(Manufacturer-claimed)2.0 A2.0 A2.0 A1.5 A1.5 A2.0 A
Mainssupply 230 Vyesyesnoyesyesyes, international
InputVoltage/VoltageSettings230 V/i100 to 240 V/automatic230 V/i115 and 230 V/Switch115 and 230 V/Switch195 to 250 V/automatic
Wire/HDD connectors/FDD connectors3/7/23/5/13/6/22/4/22/4/23/8/2
Cable LengthHDD &FDD connections65 cm60 cm67 to 94 cm60 cm60 cm65 to 90 cm
Cable lengthATX/ATX12V/AUX38/39/39 cm51/52/53 cm51/46/53 cm32/32/32 cm32/32/32 cm48/50/48 cm
Connectionfor fanmonitor/regulatorno/noyes/nono/nono/nono/nono/no
Power cable/Screws/User manualyes/no/noyes/no/yesyes/yes/yesno/no/nono/no/noyes/yes/no
Otherdetailsnonepassive external coolernonenonenonemains power international