Intel's Big Kick Off: 925XE Chipset and P4EE 3.46 GHz

Intel Kicks Off 925XE Chipset And P4EE 3.46 GHz

Today, four months after the initial introduction of Intel's 900 series chipsets, a new member is being launched. The 925XE is based on the well-known 925X, but finally introduces support for FSB1066. While a new Pentium 4 Extreme Edition at 3.46 GHz will be the only available processor for the time being, the new platform could have a long life expectancy - it can host all the 600 and 700 series P4 processors, and likely will also run Intel's dual core models, too.

We already gave an account of Intel's current chipset generation at the time it was launched. Please refer to this article for all the details: Intel Stakes Its Vision of the PC Future with 775 Launch .

925XE Now Runs 266 MHz FSB

Technologically, Intel's 925XE chipset is no different from the already widely-known 925X. The two main differences are FSB1066 and ECC support; while 925X supports ECC, the 925XE won't. However, as customers will primarily be high-end gamers, this limitation shouldn't be much of a problem; ECC is not typically an essential feature on gaming platforms.

Technically, nothing except the maximum FSB speed has changed.