Intel Goes DDR - Do We Really Care?

Benchmark Results

Overclocking As Factory Default

This table shows quite clearly that the motherboard makers try to score better benchmark results with 'not-quite-so-fair' tweaks: Overclocking is the magic word. The motherboard with P4X266A is pretty bold indeed, running the CPU at a clock speed of 2035 MHz! Only MSI's 845 Pro 2 runs at exactly 100.0 MHz FSB and 2000.0 MHz CPU clock.

OpenGL Performance: Quake 3 Arena

The SiS645 is ahead in Quake III Arena. Though this 3D shooter is available for more than two years, it is one of the most efficient and popular benchmarks for memory and CPU performance. Both in 16 and 32 bit color, the SiS 645 is clearly ahead of the Intel 850 and the VIA P4X266A. Here, the memory interface shows great effect and even pulls ahead of the i850 with PC800 RDRAM - Congratulations!