Intel's 65 nm Process Breathes Fire into Double-Core Extreme Edition

Motherboards For The New Star

The Pentium Extreme Edition 955 requires a decent motherboard that complies with Intel's performance FMB specifications (Flexible Motherboard). All products based on the 955X chipset should be able to support the 65 nm generation with a BIOS update only. The 945 boards are basically capable as well, but actual support may vary.

All older chipsets (915P, 925X) won't support the dual-core 900 series, but certainly can host the single-core Cedar Mill 65 nm Pentium 4 products that will be launched in early January. Again, a BIOS update is required.

Asus P5WD2-E

Gigabyte GA-G1975X

Intel D975XBX

MSI 975X Platinum