Iomega's REV Loader 280: The Ultimate Backup Master?

Backup Every Single Day

An oft-repeated and sage utterance one of my multimedia professors tried to indoctrinate upon our impressionable young minds in college was to "always make backups of your backups." Of course, such advice is rarely heeded - that is, until one experiences a permanent loss of data by not having made a backup. The headache compounds if you're an IT professional overseeing an environment where multiple users unintentionally destroy/overwrite/misplace files or a virus attack corrupts a system to the point of it being unrecoverable. A lot of power users tend to rationalize the invincibility of their data only to find themselves up the proverbial creek when disaster strikes.

Iomega's target market with its REV Loader 280 is small business/server users that rely on tape drives or other methods of traditional data archival. As the REV hardware is engineered with hard drive technology, it offers up to 8x the speeds of tape drives with less wear and tear on storage media. The USB 2.0 interface provides ease of use and compatibility across a variety of platforms. Iomega bundles some decent software for automated backup, which reduces the data loss component attributed to human error and forgetfulness.

Each of the eight REV disks can be selected easily.

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