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Iomega's REV Loader 280: The Ultimate Backup Master?

Backup Software

The included backup software packaged with the REV Loader is BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.5 SP1 OEM Edition with the disaster recovery option. The disaster recovery license was included, but users can only choose proprietary solutions rather than the package bundled with the unit.

It's important to note Iomega's North American site states the single server license of ARCServe only allows the backup of the computer on which ARCserve is installed.. Additional network backups and software archival options for SQL, Exchange, Oracle, Open File, etc. are not supported with the OEM version, requiring users to purchase the retail version in order to perform these tasks.

Backup Wizard

First select your backup files.

You can choose incremental of full backup. The incremental type will only replace or add files to the backup set that have been changed.

The backup does not have to happen immediately, you can also schedule an execution time.

The job monitor will allow you to follow the process.

It's always good to get a status windows that you can look at.