KryoTech's Cool Athlon 900 MHz


The new KryoTech Cool 900 MHz Athlon system provides stellar performance at a price. This unit takes the title of THG's fastest tested system. Even though this unit ships for no less than $2200, there is only a $200.00 dollar difference between the 800 MHz and 900 MHz systems. This is not too bad, considering that the Intel Pentium III 600B is over $200 more than the Pentium III 533B. The other advantage you have by getting the Cool Athlon 900 is that you won't have to look around for an Athlon motherboard in vain anymore. Kryotech does this sorry job for you.

The Athlon processor at 700 MHz is already faster than the Pentium III processors Intel is shipping. Matching up the Athlon with KryoTech's advanced thermal engineering allows a whopping 900 MHz core speed and provides the ultimate high performance system solution. Owning this system definitely gives the user bragging rights! Now if KryoTech would just design this puppy with a beverage chiller....