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KryoTech's Cool Athlon 900 MHz

Windows NT - Business Application Performance

SYSMark98 - WinNT SP5
Pentium III 500229Athlon 500257
Pentium III 550247Athlon 550275
Pentium III 600268Athlon 600292
Pentium III 650280Athlon 650306
Pentium III 533B239Athlon 700319
Pentium III 600B268Athlon 750333
KryoTech Cool Athlon 800347
KryoTech Cool Athlon 900371

Running SYSmark98 under Windows NT shows the Athlon 900 MHz scaling much better. NT is using the L2-cache mor effinciently, so that the slower L2 cache speed of the Athlon 900 MHz doesn't seem to affect the scores as much as under Windows 98. Again, the 371 SYSmark98 result produced by the KryoTech Athlon 900 is the fastest we've seen and it's some whopping 38.5 % faster than the fastest official Intel system.

3DStudioMAX - WinNT SP5(Pictures Rendered per/hour)
Pentium III 50056Athlon 50068
Pentium III 55052Athlon 55075
Pentium III 60057Athlon 60082
Pentium III 65062Athlon 65088
Pentium III 533B50Athlon 70095
Pentium III 600B56Athlon 750103
KryoTech Cool Athlon 800109
KryoTech Cool Athlon 900120

In this floating-point intensive application the Athlon scales perfectly. The KryoTech 900 MHz is able to crunch the numbers and render over 120 pictures per/hour! It's obvious that the L2 cache speed difference between the 800 and 900 MHz Athlon has no adverse performance affects with the 3DstudioMax application. For a single Pentium III to match the floating-point power of the 900 MHz Athlon would require it to run over 1.2 GHz! The Cool Athlon 900 scores 114% higher than the Pentium 600B. I understand that Intel must be really scared about that.