KryoTech's Cool Athlon 900 MHz

Windows 98 - 3D Gaming Performance

Dogath Moor Zoological Gardens     640x480x16  
Pentium III 500 55.9   Athlon 500 69.0
Pentium III 550 59.8   Athlon 550 69.6
Pentium III 600 63.3   Athlon 600 70.0
Pentium III 650 65.8   Athlon 650 70.1
Pentium III 533B 57.0   Athlon 700 70.2
Pentium III 600B 64.5   Athlon 750 70.2
      KryoTech Cool Athlon 800 70.2
      KryoTech Cool Athlon 900 70.2

The results scored with Athlon are more interesting from a GeForce-evaluation perspective than from a processor-performance stand point. You can see what several people feared, GeForce's T&L-unit is max'ed out. A card without integrated T&L but the same fill rate as GeForce would most likely score higher and of course you would see scores scaling with the processor performance. At the same time we can see that Pentium III does not reach the limit of GeForce's T&L, thus it's still scaling. This should give you a very good idea about Athlon's real 3D-performance. It's evidently way ahead of Pentium III and Pentium IIIB.

Quake 3 Arena - 640x480x16     NORMAL - Q3DEMO1  
Pentium III 500 85.1   Athlon 500 94.3
Pentium III 550 91.7   Athlon 550 99.8
Pentium III 600 96.7   Athlon 600 105.5
Pentium III 650 102.4   Athlon 650 109.4
Pentium III 533B 88.4   Athlon 700 113.7
Pentium III 600B 96.1   Athlon 750 116.9
      KryoTech Cool Athlon 800 120.7
      KryoTech Cool Athlon 900 125.4

Q3 Arena enjoys the 900 MHz speed the KryoTech unit has to offer giving us the highest score of 125.4 FPS. Also, the slower 300 MHz L2 of the Athlon 900 MHz doesn't affect the CPU scaling much at all. Looking at those results and comparing them to the DMZG-scores makes one almost happy that Q3Test does not use GeForce's T&L-engine. However, we shouldn't forget that Q3Test uses a lot less polygons than DMZG.

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