Logitech Z-2300 Speakers: More Than a Blast from the Past?

Pump Up The Volume With 117 DB SPL, Continued

On listening, the 2300 seems to have corrected many of the shortcomings of the 2200, which was a lot more incisive and less neutral. So the changes can be considered very positive if you're looking for power, accurate reproduction of timbres and a lack of aggressiveness. On the other hand, the levels that can be achieved while still maintaining "clean" sound seemed slightly lower, as the objective measurements implied. But it's hard to win in every department.

The 2300 thus offers some very positive features, but there is also some bad, compared to its predecessor. Depending on your taste and the kind of music you listen to, you may prefer one over the other. The 2300's somewhat more restrained features lack the no-holds-barred qualities of its predecessor while offering more accurate timbres. While choosing between the different pluses and minuses of the two systems depends on your subjective taste, Logitech's 2300 speakers never-the-less remain among the best in their class.


The Z-2300, based on Logitech's 2200, will serve as a reference point in the world of high-performance 2.1 speakers. While we would have preferred to see the satellites offer two-way drivers, the final result is that the speakers are at the high end of the quality spectrum. The 2300 thus represents one of the rare possible choices in this product sector for those who seek the best in the category.