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Lord Kryo Puts His Hands on 17 Coolers

Intel (Boxed Socket 370)

Intel (Boxed Socket 370).

This cooler is part of every Pentium III "in a Box" from 800 MHz upwards. The mounting clip is difficult to install. The cooling itself is very good so that this cooler would even be suitable for an Athlon CPU! This product is a good example that Intel took the time for good ideas in terms of cooling.

Kanie Hedgehog-238M

Kanie Hedgehog-238M.

The biggest disappointment is the Hedgehog-238M: Although it has a massive body made of copper, the Kanie cannot put this advantage of high conductivity into practice. The weight of 475 grams violates AMD's specifications, who only allow 300 grams, by far. Manufacturers of PC systems should not take this cooler because it is absolutely not suitable for transportation. Otherwise a loose Hedgehog would turn your PC interior into an expanse of ruins.