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Lord Kryo Puts His Hands on 17 Coolers

NoName Standard Cooler

NoName Standard Cooler.

The judgment about a usual cooler, which you can find in a discount PC, is easy: This featherweight made of steel is not suitable for Athlon CPUs. In our test this model delivered the worst results: The temperature of the CPU kernel went up to 54 degrees!

Swiftech MC370-0A

Swiftech MC370-0A.

The costly produced Swiftech turned out to be the candidate with the best cooling performance. It gave us a low CPU temperature of 35 degrees. The class A fan from Pabst brings enough air flow which unfortunately leads to a lot of noise. The body made of single aluminum parts is unique. Therefore, the weight goes up to 316 grams and this model also infringes the AMD specs. No question: This cooler is first choice for overclockers!