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Maxing Out Your Graphics Card With Tomb Raider Legend

Parallax And Other Lighting Effects, Continued

The Next Generation mode has an effect on the environment. In Japan, the clothing and hairstyles of the women in the background change according to the light source. Lara's breasts are slightly larger(coincidence or an intended nip-and-tuck effect)?The many people viewed at the same time reduce the fps value to between 6 and 20 fps. Making turns in this room causes severe glitches. You can really only complete the subsequent gun fight in normal mode when the frame rate goes up to between 50 and 200 fps.

In the outdoor Japan level in Next Gen mode, the huge neon sign is switched off. To counterbalance this, the tree in the yard has very real leaves. The smaller neon sign in the middle of the screen is much brighter.

With Next Generation Content the water disappears and Lara remains dry. To counterbalance this, a plant appears in the foreground and the stone square have real ridges and cracks.