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Maxing Out Your Graphics Card With Tomb Raider Legend

Hair And Moist Skin

Lara's hair looks better with active Next Generation Content. The textures and shapes of her body look softer.

With the correct light, Lara's skin in Next Generation looks more realistic.

If you are not playing in normal mode, you will miss a lot with Lara. As soon as she climbs out of water, small droplets drip off her moist skin.

In Next Generation mode this moist skin effect is invisible, even with light from the flashlight. The background is interesting in normal mode; the ceiling looks like a cave. In Next Generation mode the wall structure looks plastic, and the ceiling loses its cave-like appearance.

In the third example, too, Lara's skin is moist in normal mode.With Next Generation Content the skin no longer glistens, but the background of the hall is much clearer. If your graphics card can cope with both modes, you should switchbetween the two to enjoy the benefits of both.